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Coast Guard Capability 2019 Brochure

Download the Coast Guard Capability 2019 Brochure Coast Guard Capability 2019 will develop the discussions surrounding the responsibilities of a modern Coast Guard to create a platform for meaningful consensus between the key stakeholders in maritime organisations. ...

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Global Market Report 2018: Helicopter and Fixed-Wing Acquisitions

In this complimentary exclusive global market report, discover selected key programmes and acquisitions from countries from all around the globe, a few of which will be present at Search and Rescue Europe 2018, such as Serbia, Norway, the U.K. and Canada.

The challenges of mass rescue SAR operations and importance of international collaboration

Defence IQ spoke with two of the experts to understand more about the challenges militaries, civilian agencies, coast guards and the police face in SAR operations.


[VIDEO] Search and Rescue: The Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

Wars in Iraq and Syria – and unrest in Libya and other parts of Africa – have spurred a large-scale exodus of refugees and migrants to Europe in the past few years. In this video Defence IQ looks into how Search and Rescue efforts are being undertaken and what more...